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Success Tapes, Inc. was founded (International Sales Institute) when Mr. Reginald Johnson discovered most sales professionals were “demonstrating” instead of “selling” products or services…Our self- help books and sales programs can help anyone from novice to expert.  While most competitors tell you what to do, our sales training programs show you how to do it.

Reggie Johnson is the President of Success Tapes, Inc. and past President of International Sales Institute, Morrison, Colorado. He is the author of "How to be Happy, Successful and Rich," "How to Close More Customers", "The STRS System" and "Secrets of Selling Extended Service Contracts." He is a member of the National Speakers Association.

He was the sales manager and trainer for one of the largest companies in the United States with annual sales of more than one billion dollars. As a sales person he was always number one. He is a proven winner in the business of selling and has been training men and women for more than twenty-five years with practical ideas that work and can be applied to any selling environment.

Learn:  What most self-made millionaires have in common.  Why most people are miserable on their jobs.  A simple step to ensure a better job, more money, and a healthier life with How To Be Happy, Successful, And Rich.  Also available: Sales Training Audio, CDs, Sales Books, Sales Training Programs, to teach effective ways to  train  your sales staff.

Are you in sales? Planning a career in sales? Order "How To Close More Customers." Over three hundred thousand sales people have improved their techniques with this complete sales training program. It comes with nineteen programs on six audio cds and a bonus workbook covering all phases of the sales presentation.

Do you sell extended service contracts? Thousands have increased their performances with "Secrets of Selling Extended Service Contacts." Eighteen programs on 6 Audio CDs filled with proven sales techniques plus a personal manual containing a veritable gold mine of ideas!

We can specifically design a sales training program or keynote speech for your company or increase sales with the HCMC System developed by Reggie Johnson, "the most exciting sales trainer in America." Each phase of the sales training is developed around role plays. Most sales training programs tell you what to do. This program shows you "how do to it." (click on Keynote Speaker at top of page).

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