An action-packed program that teaches your sales staff step by step how to effectively sell extended service contracts to all customers!

Eighteen personal programs on six audio cds filled with proven sales techniques, plus a comprehensive 60 page personal manual which contains a veritable gold mine of ideas, now at a new low price!

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Included in the audio cds:

  • Motivational Ideas
    Hear what your competitors are doing to capture market share and make their sales counselors more productive!

  • Seven Wonders
    A step-by-step analysis in overcoming most objections. It alone pays for the program!

  • The Contract Technique
    Hear the most effective close in extended service contracts!

  • The Buddy System
    Six informative steps that turn weak sales counselors into closers!

  • The Hidden Gold Mines
    Learn ways to acquire and qualify more buyers!

  • Controlling Nervous Tension
    A must program for beginners and veterans. Discover how to be poised and confident with all customers!

Featuring Reggie Johnson, the nation's foremost expert in selling techniques, whose skills were honed on the selling floor, making him the number-one salesman, sales manager and trainer for a multibillion-dollar corporation. He is the author of numerous sales programs and America's most sought-after consultant. He has been training sales people for over 25 years with practical ideas that work and can be applied to any selling situation!

Discover how the most effective and widely used training program in America can help you motivate and train your sales staff in the SECRETS OF SELLING EXTENDED SERVICE CONTRACTS!

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